5 Quick tips to New Teachers

Quick tips for teachers or moms to make your day easier:

Are you walking into a classroom for the first time? Or are you a mom that just needs some gentle reminders? Take a look at the quick tips for teachers and moms.

Regardless of who you are, remember these tips for a great day!

5 quick tips for teachers and moms

#1. Never give an empty threat– if you are having a hard time in the class or at home and you are trying to gain back control  it is so easy to fall into the rut of threatening, anything just anything. Regardless if you mean it or not.

However, it is important to know that children will notice you do not mean it and will stop taking your word. It actually does much worse than not doing anything! Firstly they will be less likely to believe you the next time you discipline and secondly you are diminishing your respect in their eyes.

#2 Catch children doing good– if you notice great behavior, share it with the class. Let them know how you expect them to behave by complimenting the behavior you want imitated.

#3. Clear Expectations- Are you sure the children know what you expect of them? Did you clearly explain and ensure they all understand? Modeling behavior and actions is helpful for children and they can relate to it more easily than abstract rules.

#4 Appropriate for their age level- Are your expectation on par for their age? Sometimes expectations are either too low or too high for the children. Asking an eight year old to make dinner is too of a complicating task. All children can help with household or classroom duties however they need to be on par with what they can do. Asking a Pre -k child to take care of her lunch plate is perfectly reasonable and a great way to teach responsibility and ownership.

#5 Keep your relationship in mind- Build your relationship with your child or student with kind words. Show them you care and want to hear what is going on.


Who are teacher assistants?

job description of a teacher assistant


Job Description of a teacher assistant:

If you think that all a teacher assistant does is to help their teacher, think again.

Teacher assistants are very important to the classroom environment and play an important and integral role in the education and efficiency of the classroom.

 Teacher assistants play an important role:

Although they certainly help in the classroom they do so much more that that. Assistants tend to develop very strong relationships with the students for they may spend more time with them than the actual teacher. In addition, teacher assistants do not have the concern of meeting and completing lesson plans and therefore can be more available for your child. Build your relationship with them as well for they are capable of looking out and caring for your child while the teacher is teaching. Assistants may know your child better than the teacher for they have the time to observe and interact with them.

The Teacher Assistants Job:

As an assistant your job is to be there truly for your class. Your teacher might be busy with the basic tasks of running a classroom and you do not have that worry. Therefore expend your energies on the children. Get to know them, learn their likes and dislikes, converse with them. Have meaningful daily conversations with the children. Do not just comment; compliment and question. Ask them how their night was, how dinner was by grandma, what their favorite book is etc. Show your interest in their daily lives. This will show the child you care and will build trust and love. They will feel secure in your surroundings and share their concerns and emotions.

As an assistant you are lucky not to be consumed and too heavily burdened to meet curriculum goals, use it to your advantage. You may notice things before the teacher. Mention them to your teacher before issues or concerns crop up. You should be proactive when it comes to this. Of course, you must help your teacher reach her goals and assist in the classroom management, however as an assistant you have more time on your hands than the teacher.

Make a Great Assistant!

I like to suggest that the teacher assistant should choose a child a week to focus on relationship building. This does not mean to ignore the other children yet to ask more questions and focus a bit more on a specific child that specific week, in mind to do this to all the children. When the child you chose for the week to work with enters the room, be sure to engage him or her in conversation. Try to have a minimum of 3 interactions each day with that child. Do this until you have given special time to each child in the classroom.

Many times children that are not too needy or disobedient may not be noticed or complimented for their good behavior. This gives you the opportunity to notice each and every child and to ensure each and every child receives the love, care and concern they deserve. Keep a notebook to remember which child you have worked with.

Furthermore, as an assistant you should focus on building your relationship with the teacher. Know that although the teacher is your superior you are still responsible for building a relationship with him/her. Knowing your teachers likes and dislikes, habits and concerns can make the classroom a real pleasant place to be. See how you can further assist your teacher with his or her goals. See what triggers him/her. Be kind and caring as well. A teacher has a lot on their plate and you can ease the burden. Offer your  help, it will be appreciated. In return, you will see that you will enjoy coming to work and spending time with the people you love.

Wow! A teacher assistant really works hard. Yet do not worry all that work will be worth it and pay off in the long run.

Best of luck!