Self Care is important!

What is Self Care?

I know you know and you know, you know that you got to take care of yourself. But really? Yes, really!

self care

If you do not take care of yourself, who will?


Anyone who is working with other people has the responsibility to take care of themselves. You can make or ruin another persons day.

Recently, I was working with a teacher and I was lacking sleep. My head was a bit fuzzy and I was not too well focused. I tried to help the teacher with her issues, yet to be honest, I was not much of a help. I could not think straight and was not being so helpful. My exhaustion led to the teacher havingĀ  a difficult day which led to her charges having a difficult day.

AreĀ  you a mom, a teacher or do you see/work with people on a daily basis? It is your responsibility to make sure you are not moody, tired, exhausted or just not taken care of. It’s simple you impact all those whom you come in contact with.

“Self care is taking care of others in disguise”

What is Self Care?

  • Simply taking care of yourself. It does not need to be an expensive day to the spa (although that is self care!). It could be going for a quick manicure, or just doing it yourself!
  • Sleep- make sure to get enough sleep!
  • Eat- make sure you eat healthily and heartily!
  • Exercise- get moving it does not need to be going to the gym yet a quick 10 minute walk can invigorate you
  • Relax- take some time for yourself, relax with a good book, massage, coffee etc.

Different levels of self care:

Different needs call for different self care: At times you might need a vacation yet cannot go- that does not mean you should not take care of yourself do something else. Although you must cover the basics of sleep, eating and exercise.

Take care of yourself before you take care of others!