Keep the praise flowing!

Hey, how well do you praise others?

Do you know that it is a skill to praise well?

Think about it, when someone praises you, you sometimes feel a warm bubbly feeling rising up within you, and other times it totally just passed you. That  shows that praising is a skill, not all of us can do it well.  However we can easily learn to make others feel great! Read on!

People praise others when they like what is being done. Praise gets that person to repeat that behavior that you enjoy for every person likes to be praised and will want to be praised again. It actually helps you to praise others because it will cause that person to repeat the behavior to receive the praise again.

So how can we get praise to cause that warm bubbly feeling to rise?

You got to FIRE it up!

Praising with fire:

praise well

F– Focus- the praise should be focused on something specific, such as ” I like the way you cleaned up your toys.” Instead of “nice job.”

I – Immediate- say it right away! As soon as you notice the behavior, this shows that you are excited and appreciative.

R– Real- the praise has to be real and genuine. You got to mean what you say. If the dinner was not so good find something else to praise such as the time it took to cook , never lie when you praise. Children and adults can tel! the truth!

E-Enthusiastic- When praise is said in a way that shows excitement and appreciation it means much more. Praising with a high five, a smile, thumbs up goes a long way!


Go to statements for praising well:

Saying thank you for…

I like when you…

great sharing…..

the __________________ was delicious

Remember the more specific you are the more the child or adult knows what to do next time to earn that enthusiastic praise and response from you.