What are the five love languages?

Learn your child’s love language:

the five love languages

Love makes the world a sweeter place. Everyone needs to feel loved in order to blossom and yet everyone feels love differently. For some a gift expresses that emotion and for others a kiss.

According to Gary Chapman there are 5 different ways to show love. What can you do to speak straight to your child’s  heart?  Showing them love in their language!

The 5 different love languages:

  1. Words of Affirmation – Kind and encouraging words mean a lot to those who fall in this category. Compliments are words gift wrapped. The opposite holds true harsh words and criticism is like a knife cutting through them.
  2. Acts of Service- Receiving assistance in times of need, speaks a lot to those whose love language is through acts of service. This includes being helped with household chores, homework, and other responsibilities. Words like “let me help you” mean a lot.
  3. Receiving Gifts- The idea of receiving a gift and  the thoughts behind it mean a tremendous amount to those whom speak this language. It shows them that they are loved, cared for and mean a lot to the giver.
  4. Quality time- Undivided attention along with quality conversation and actions mean a lot to those who fall under this category. Being fully present for the other person without any distractions such as the phone, TV or food, shows true love to those whose love language is quality time.
  5. Physical touch- a person who’s love language is physical touch likes to be touched. This includes holding hands, a pat on the back, hugs, kisses, and caresses. 

How to find out your child’s love language:

Young children have a difficult time sharing with you what means a lot to them.

As an infant, physical touch and being there for your child is a necessity however as the child grows older they will develop their own love language, which may not include physical touch.

So what should you do to find out your child’s/ students love language?

It may be helpful to have a conversation with your child asking them how they know mommy loves them and listening to what they are saying.

Having a conversation and asking children what they prefer can show you a lot about them-

” Would you like me to massage you now ( physical touch) or should we rather read a book together? ” ( quality time)

“Should I write a story why I think you are special ( words of affirmation) or should we open the gift?” ( receiving gifts)

As you start giving a choice you will see a pattern emerge of your child’s preference. Asking once is not enough!

What is your love language? How do you show and like to receive love?